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How Your Salon Can Gainfully Cater To The Clients With Thinning Hair

Most often, people with thinning hair are not considered in salon marketing. Salons do not perceive it as a big potential for a client base!

Read more to get more info on ways of marketing to clients with thinning hair.

Millions of men and women have hair loss. So here are your prospect clients! Maybe most of them if not all but it is a fact that they are the neglected ones when hair salons do marketing.

The stigma of hair loss or baldness has led people to be ashamed of it.

This is the situation where a salon can offer help! This section talks about some marketing tips for clients with thinning hair.

The moment a client sits down in your chair, salon marketing begins. It is best to start a communication with your client. Ask your client about what they love and what they hate about their hair.

You can ask about how your clients feel about their hair. Here, there is a great possibility that they will open up about hair loss or hair thinning. Now, that is a chance for you to come in. Start telling them about hairstyle and products for thinner hair. Your clients agree with your suggestions to help them feel more confident with how they look. You can come up with package for special treatment for thinning hair for your clients.

Offer a treatment available and done in the salon and also a pack of products for home use. Give the proper instructions on the use of the products and the expected outcome. The clients will appreciate what you are doing form them and they will tell other people with hair loss problems to come to your salon.

Clients come to your salon because of what your previous clients tell them. See if you can get your loyal and satisfied customers to give feedback to others about your products and services. Include photos showing before and after and videos in your website or brochure or social media account.

Aside from looking into your marketing materials, also look into the age of the models. See to it that any age group can relate to your materials, images and posters.

Come up with a brochure highlighting your hair loss treatment package. It would be more appropriate to include models from 45 years or older. If you consider using young models only, this might alienate your older clientele.

Nearby businesses involving hair loss can be good partners. Great partnership options can be given by specialists, doctors and surgeons. Get their expert advice on hair thinning or baldness. Get their permission to cite them as references. Forming a good partnership with them can strengthen your business.

So now, expand your salon business and include the thinning hair clientele. Follow these tips and make your salon business boom.

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