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Benefits of Employment in The Netherlands

In the Netherlands employment opportunities have been increasing due to the improvement in job market which has been seen to be very accommodative. Lowest rates of unemployment have been recorded in the Netherlands when compared to other countries in the European Union according to a study that was previously done. The Netherlands has always been for the idea of people starting the employment journey at a really early age in life. At these early age those fit for employment can start with either doing internships or getting employed in graduate programs that do not require much skills as one starts off. When these programs are fully completed, the employees then get an opportunity to get employment at the same organizations.

There are certain benefits of getting employment in the Netherlands that this chapter will look at. One of the advantages associated with employment in the Netherlands is that the Dutch law states that workers are required to not work for more than 8 hours in a day. All work minus play makes Jack a dull boy, these is why breaks are very important as they allow people to pause from the work environment and relax before the next work day. It can be very discouraging to work over time or even get over worked, this law protects against such instances.

The other benefit of employment in the Netherlands is that each employee gets paid in full even when they go for a leave. One can also have their leave days keep increasing annually depending on the number of days that they worked that year making this another advantage of working in the Netherlands. Additionally, when one goes on leave they are entitled by the law to get a certain minimum allowance from their employers. This leave allowance should be paid in full at least once a year.

It is also known that the working environment is very conducive for any employee. This is an advantage because at every position in the company, before a decision is made, there needs to be a meeting where everyone gets to pitch their idea. Meetings in the Netherlands are most times very informal and which is known for making the employees feel at ease.
The Netherlands has also made law that makes sure that the pay of any employee from the age of 23 years old gets a minimum pay of approximately 1,507 Euros monthly. the 1,507 Euros that they are paid is based on the 40 hours a week schedule.

There are a lot of job opportunities in the Netherlands that make it ideal for even foreigners. The stable economy has been as a result of the rich investment that is made in the country.

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