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Steps to a Perfect Massage

A full body massage usually helps in making one emotionally and physically good. A full body massage may also cause intimacy. There are usually good procedures that are usually undertaken in the event of a full body massage.

Thsre should be no disturbances or discomfort in the room. Discomfort usually leads to an unsuccessful massage and hence should be avoided. There should be either a clean and soft bed, massage table or rug to lie on. The room should also be warm and nice.

Lit candles in the massage room usually bring a desired feeling in the client. It is essential during a massage to either use very low lights or just the lighting from the candles. Candles with a relaxing aroma should be used instead of ones with an overpowering aroma.

There is usually also some soothing music that is played during a good full body massage. A good massage attendant understands that the massage session is about you and hence seeks to understand your liking. There is a specific thick liquid that is meant for massage which should be used. There should also be many towels to use during the massage. The soft rugs aid in protecting the working surface, providing some privacy to the client and keeping clean of the massage oil.

The massage procedure should start with soles of the feet. This should be done by wrapping both hands on to one foot at a time and then applying pressure by using the thumbs. Some little amount of force should be applied on each toe in order to relieve tension. The legs should be next after having given the feet some proper massage. There should be special movements done by the hands to the legs.

The next step should be massaging from the lower back while working to the upper back. The next point should be the neck and the shoulders. This should be done by using the press and release technique to massage the neck. The massage procedure should be carried on to the hands and arms. The next point is usually the head and the face.

A perfect massage should always be done slowly so as to give a relaxing experience. A good massage procedure usually ensures that every part of the body is adequately relaxed. A good massage should be done in a proper and professional manner. There should also be communication being carried on during a massage session. This helps in understanding the desires of the client during the massage. Knots should be well taken care of so as to release them. The backbone and all the other bones should be avoided during a massage session.

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